What Can Smart Golf Fitness Do For You?

In order to coach you towards your goals, we determine which areas of your body and game need to be addressed. We accomplish this crucial step in the journey by taking you through our SMART Performance Assessment. This in-depth process helps us learn about every facet of your golf game, so we can make sure to provide you with the best results possible.
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We Help You Master Every Aspect of Your Golf Game

Golf Interview

We begin with a short interview to learn more about your history with golf, the present state of your game, and most importantly, to understand your goals for the future.


Trackman Data and High Speed Video Data Collection

We then collect high-speed video, along with club and ball data, using our Trackman launch monitor system. Trackman is state of the art technology that has revolutionized golf instruction. Trackman is used by virtually every PGA tour professional and helps us to remove the guesswork of what the club is doing through impact shows us exactly how the ball responds.


3-D Swing Analysis

We then will utilize our K-Vest to get a 3D image of your swing. K-Vest is a state-of the-art 3-sensor biomechanics analysis system that evaluates the characteristics of your golf swing which may not be on video. We utilize this technology to determine how much rotation you create with your upper and lower body; how much speed you create with your body segments; and the sequence in which you wind and unwind your body during the golf swing (Kinematic Sequence). There is an extreme commonality of what the Kinematic Sequence looks like in very consistent ball strikers, even though their swings may look very different on 2-D video.


Physical Screen

Following the collection of golf swing data, our Golf Fitness Instructors will take you through a series of tests that will evaluate your Mobility (Joint Range of Motion + Flexibility), Stability, Balance, Coordination, Strength, and Power, as they relate to your golf swing. This allows our team to build a program to help overcome swing compensations that might be a result of physical challenges helping you play better and without pain.


Building Your Customized Program

Immediately following the collection of your golf swing data, your golf instructor will enter the analysis stage of our process to build your personalized practice. The analysis process starts with understanding what the ball is doing, followed by understanding what the club is doing to allow the ball to perform in that manner, and concluded with understanding what the body is doing to allow the club to perform in that fashion (K-Vest.) Combined with the results of your physical screen, we confirm why some of your swing compensations have developed. The final deliverable to you is an in-depth customized golf report and program to help you reach your goals.


Short Game Analysis

During the assessment or at some point during your program we have the option to assess your short game.  We evaluate short game on a case by case basis dependent on whether or not it is deemed to be limiting your ability to improve your scores.  Many of our students will save the most strokes by improving consistency on full swing shots, however, as they improve it is likely that we will begin to find room to improve their scoring through more focus on the short game.

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