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Our mission has always been to help golfers play their best, and we know that properly fitted equipment plays a crucial role in enjoyment of the game. We have recently expanded our offerings to cater to a wider variety of golfers. In addition to our ongoing  relationship with PXG, we have relationships with PING, TaylorMade, Callaway, Mizuno, and Titleist.

Included with membership at SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction is priority access and pricing for our Club Fitting services. We offer Club Fitting for standard golf bags and tour golf bags. Enter your details below or contact for more information and to schedule your club fitting.


At SMART Golf and Fitness we are serious about helping our students play their best. Playing your best means leaving no stone left unturned. Part of that process is ensuring that you are playing with proper equipment. Having properly fit equipment allows golfers to achieve more consistent shot patterns, distance, and trajectories. If you want to start playing your best, make sure your equipment is working for you instead of against you.

We want to know what your goals are for the fitting. What do you want to get out of the process? Have you been fit before? How do you hit the ball now? How would you like to hit the ball in the future? Do you have a club you’re dying to try?

We start with your clubs and test them on our Trackman Launch Monitor to get performance baselines. Once our fitter can see how your current club(s) are performing, it becomes clear which performance metrics need to be targeted.

Different combinations of shafts, club heads, lofts, lies, lengths, weights, and grips are put to the test in a dynamic way to see what works best for you. Every player’s swing DNA is different, so it is extremely important to test and retest a variety of different club-fitting variables.  

We review the results of all of the testing to see what combinations performed the best. A combination of your personal input and the launch monitor data guides us to the most optimal combination. How many yards did you gain? How much higher did the ball go? How much tighter was your dispersion?  You will find out!

Once the clubs and specs have been determined, it is up to you to decide whether you’d like to order. Once the order is placed, our OEM partners build the clubs to the exact specifications outlined in the fitting.


Making sure you get the right fit is our #1 priority. That’s why our process is different from that of our competitors. 


We spend more time with you.  

Our Standard Full Bag Fitting is broken up into two separate two-hour sessions and regardless of the fitting type, we never test for more than two hours.  You won’t get the best data on your 150th swing 3 hours in so we don’t ask you to do that.

Our premium Tour Fitting Experience sets aside time to test every club on two different occasions. Once the clubs are delivered, we also meet one last time to review the new club, make any last minute adjustments, and help you understand how the new clubs are going to impact your game.  No one else does that.


One-time fitting sessions don’t make sense to us; conducting fittings over multiple sessions does.  Golfers are capable of swinging the club differently on a day-to-day basis, so it’s important to have a larger sample size to validate the data and give you more confidence that the fit is perfect.  Our Tour Fitting Experience does just that.  The Tour Pros all do it that way so why wouldn’t you?

SMART Golf is brand agnostic, which means that we’re not incentivized to sell one brand over another. We test for all club fitting variables in play, ensuring you get the perfect fit.


$1000 drivers aren’t always necessary. You can get properly fit for clubs that perform well and don’t cost you a fortune.

During our interview process, we make sure to ask what your budget is, and where you land between cost and performance.

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SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction offers both re-gripping and loft/lie adjustment services. As we do not currently stock any grips, grips will either have to be ordered or provided by the customer. Under normal circumstances, a 1-day turnaround can be expected. Pricing is on a sliding scale, which means that the more clubs that are re-gripped, the lower the cost per club.

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