The SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction mobile app contains a series of workouts designed to improve stability, mobility, strength, and golf specific movement patterns. In addition to the workout program, you will also have access to a mobile fitness screen to identify areas that may impact how you swing the golf club, as well as our full exercise library. You no longer need to guess when it comes to creating a workout program tailored to help improve your golf game. Our local members have access to their own personalized programs, but we are proud to have offerings available for purchase to non-members on the app, with more being developed.

Available Programs for Purchase on the SMART Golf & Fitness Mobile App for Non-Members:

SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction wholeheartedly believes that a well rounded fitness program can make learning the game of golf much easier. We also know that not everyone knows where to start. We recently launched the SMART Golf & Fitness mobile app so that we can better communicate and provide more content for our members, but also extend our reach to people outside of the Chicagoland area that want to experience the benefits of incorporating fitness into their golf game.

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With the SMART Golf & Fitness mobile app, you can easily see what to work on for the day, take your training & nutrition programs anywhere, set health & fitness goals, track all of your progress in one place, and commit to working toward your individual goals.

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