We are going to walk and crawl in the gym, so you can run and sprint on the course.



Dan Zyma, has been a strength, conditioning, and CrossFit coach or involved in coaching for almost 10+ years. Before starting as a  trainer and coach in Crossfit, Dan has had multiple years of sport specific training and coaching in football, both on the High School and College levels. Dan played football at Division III, Washington and Jefferson College as a Defensive End/Outside Backer. He earned his college degree in Fine Arts, with a minor in Art History.

After his completion of his graduate level degree at University of Dayton (Ohio) for Art Education, Dan moved back to Pittsburgh where he worked as a Full-time High School Art teacher, and Assistant Football Coach.

Dan moved to Chicago in 2011 days before the massive snow storm crippled Lake Shore Drive. Dan discovered a new type of fitness training in Crossfit from a co-worker and friend. Crossfit and Strength training has been a huge part of his life in the Chicago area, Dan has enjoyed the connections and friendships that he has made in the 10 years of being a part of the Crossfit and Fitness Communities.

In his free time, Dan enjoys spending time with his dogs, Penny Lane and Chestnut, golfing, and watching movies with his girlfriend, Vance. He has also completed multiple full and half marathons, and loves to talk sports and movies. He is also an avid fan of buying and selling Nike/Jordan Shoes.


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