The Golf Swing is one of the most complicated, integrated movements in sport. If the isolated parts (muscles) are not working efficiently, your game cannot get better. I believe to get better you must constantly be assessing, preparing and training the muscular system to be successful.

Bill Busch

Certified MAT® Rx Full Body Specialist / FITNESS COACH


Bill Busch is a 30-year fitness industry veteran whose passion for continually assessing the muscular system, detail to exercise prescription and looking to learn more led him to becoming a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist in 2005. Bill is now one of the top MAT® Specialists in the world achieving their highest certification distinction of MAT® Rx Full Body Specialist and has brought this unique tool to Smart Golf and Fitness Instruction.

Bill uses MAT to assess and treat the muscular system and his 30+ year knowledge of exercise prescription to help his clients get stronger and stay pain free.


Used by Athletes around the world to help improve performance, Muscle Activation Techniques is for anyone who works with a muscle system. You need not be a world class athlete to know how life takes a toll on our bodies. Whether you are a client looking for a MAT® treatment to help with life’s everyday aches and pains or Golfer/Athlete looking to increase performance with MAT® with a detailed exercise program… MAT® can help you!

Bill moved to Chicago 20+ years ago from his hometown of Detroit. While still a big fan of The D, Bill has made Chicagoland his home and currently enjoys golf, working out (of course) and watching his son play hockey for Oak Park River Forest High School.


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