“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

– Henry Ford

This quote by Henry Ford perfectly sums up how important the right mindset is in life, and that includes learning the game of golf.  If you want to play your best and learn the most it is important to come in with a growth mindset. We break down Growth vs Fixed Mindset in to 4 different Key Ingredients to Growth, with those being: Effort, Challenges, Mistakes, and Feedback.



Growth Mindset: View effort as a useful tool and a necessary requirement for long-term growth.

Fixed Mindset: View effort as negative and something only necessary when you aren’t good enough.



Growth Mindest: View challenges as opportunities for improvement, therefore, you embrace and persevere through them.

Fixed Mindset: View challenges as a threat, therefore, you back down and avoid them.



Growth Mindset: Use mistakes as an opportunity to learn and make necessary improvements.

Fixed Mindset: View mistakes as negative and get discouraged by them.



Growth Mindset: Appreciate feedback and use it to your advantage to make long-term improvements.

Fixed Mindset: You do not see feedback as helpful, but rather get defensive and take any negative feedback personally.


Having the right attitude or mindset can help you overcome the obstacles that will inevitably come up when learning something new or making a change in your golf game.  Look through these 4 Key Ingredients to Growth and determine for yourself which ingredients you lean towards a fixed mindset, and which lean towards growth.