Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Daniel H., Lyons Township Varsity Golfer

“SMART Golf and Fitness Instruction have, quite simply, the best golf professional and training staff with whom I’ve worked. They are all students of the game and adapt their knowledge to the individual rather than presuming that it’s “their way or the highway.” Joe Sheren, Director of Instruction, is a great teacher–patient, knowledgable and fun. He’s diligent, dedicated and thoughtful. I’ve had many other instructors, but Joe and the team at SMART will be the last and only team with whom I work. I couldn’t be happier and they have my game soaring to new heights. If you’re not working with SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction, you’re working with the wrong people.”

-Rich Klawiter


Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Grant F., Hinsdale Central Varsity GolferWhen I first stated with S.M.A.R.T. Golf & Fitness ,I hadn’t been playing the game for a while, so a lot of the areas of my body that are important to golf were weak (i.e. flexibility, core, stability, upper and lower body separation). However over the last few years my body fat % has gone down dramactically, and I have become a lot stronger and a lot more fit. I have seen massive increases in club head speed, as well as carry distance with all clubs.  Within the past 5 months I have had 2- top three finishes and a win. I love S.M.A.R.T golf fitness because of the hospitality by everyone who works there.  From Tommy, to Dr. Mark, and Mike Carbray, they are all willing to help in anyway they can for the success of a student.  Also, I have never been to a place with so many golf specific machines, and for that matter, general exercise equipment.  The variety of equipment they have gives you the opportunity to accomplish anything you desire.

-Daniel H., Lyons Township Varsity Golfer

Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Jimmy M. Associate Member OFCC

I was a recent graduate out of college when I started working with S.M.A.R.T. Golf & Fitness.  I had allowed myself to slip physically during my college career and wanted to return to a higher level of fitness. S.M.A.R.T. Golf Fitness has allowed me to regain some of my lost strength. My legs and core muscles have received the most benefit.  It is most noticeable while I am on the golf course.  My balance is stronger from the moment I set-up over the golf ball all the way through my finish.  I am also able to maintain my balance longer through the round. S.M.A.R.T. Golf Fitness has helped me add strength and endurance to my golf game. I have added distance consistently to my golf game while being able to shorten my swing to add consistency to my game. My favorite part of working with S.M.A.R.T. Golf Fitness is their ability to work around my schedule.  As recent graduate, and newer employee it can be difficult to squeeze all my activities into one day.  S.M.A.R.T. Golf Fitness works with my schedule to help me achieve my goals.

-Jimmy M. Associate Member OFCC


Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Grant F., Hinsdale Central Varsity GolferOriginally, When I was first introduced to SMART, I really wasn’t in the best of condition, but not the worst either. S.M.A.R.T. Golf & Fitness has impacted my health by improving my overall strength, and it as helped me become more physically in shape for golf. It has improved my fitness level by increasing my flexibility, strength and stamina. Specifically, after working with Tommy I am now able to get more extended in my golf swing without having to put the same effort level as I used to. My upper body can turn more against my lower body, creating more torque and distance. Also, I have more endurance on holes 16, 17 and 18, I am no longer fatigued. I love working with Tommy because Tommy is a really funny guy, he likes to joke around, but in an effective manner. He is really determined to improve my fitness and have it transfer over to the golf course. His training methods are very effective and very relevant to golf.

-Grant F., Hinsdale Central Varsity Golfer


Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Jack G., Former Area Club ChampionWhen I first met the team at S.M.A.R.T., I had lower back issues that fluctuated from minor discomfort to preventing me from playing golf for up to a week or more at a time. Through working with Tommy and following the program that was set up for me I have significantly reduced the amount of times that I have back discomfort.  I have also seen a significant increase in my flexibility, am stronger and generally feel much better overall physically. In fact, the increase in flexibility and strength has allowed me to increase distance, consistency and has provided more endurance on the golf course. Now I have much more confidence in my body, less back discomfort and just generally feel physically better. My favorite part of S.M.A.R.T. Golf & Fitness is having Tommy as a resource to answer and discuss questions about physical conditions and knowing that if I follow the program the results will be evident.

-Jack G., Former Area Club Champion


Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Jack G., Former Area Club ChampionThe team at SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction works with both, my son Ben, and I. I,honestly, cannot recommend them highly enough.  I had always been a single-digit handicap and was a good high school golfer growing up in Indiana, but as I have aged and am playing less, I realized that all of my swing flaws that had been hidden by my youthful athleticism were coming back to haunt me.  I just couldn’t get away with bad mechanics any longer and it was killing my consistency.  I had a few instructors who wouldn’t touch my mechanics because they just thought they could never get beyond the motor patterns that had become ingrained over 40 years.  Joe Sheren, Director of Instruction and co-owner, was the first instructor who recognized my passion and just broke down those old mechanics and helped me develop a much better swing that is repeatable and works.  Westill have more to work on, but my index got down to as low as 2.4 this season, I almost qualified for the Illinois State Am and Illinois Open and I finished 3rd in the club championship at The Glen Club — only getting beaten by a former Illinois Open winner and a 25-year old who is still trying to make golf his career.


As for Ben, Joe constantly pushes Ben to be a better player and knows Ben’s game well enough that he can usually get him back on the right path after watching 2 or 3 swings.  Joe is also great at just talking to Ben about his game and his attitude and getting him back on track from a mental standpoint as well.  This season, Joe had Ben on Trackman and noticed that Ben was not getting anything out of his driver, given his swing speed, etc.  He recommended a new driver for Ben and we had Ben fitted at Club Champion.  We got the new driver right before the CPS Invitational and Ben started routinely hitting his drives 300+ yards and he went out and shot 67 in the Invitational.


Joe has also worked a bit with Erica and Myah Jackson and was the first to notice that there was something wrong with Myah’s range of motion in her shoulders.  He’s just very good at being able to spot issues and help with long-term fixes.

I’m just a passionate golfer, I’ve gone to a lot of instructors and I know good instructors when I see them.  Joe and the team at SMART is the best I’ve ever seen and worked with.

– Tom Smith

 Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Jack G., Former Area Club ChampionAfter having played competitive golf for 8 years in high school and then in college (Division I scholarship in the Big East) I graduated and entered the real world and was still able to keep my game relatively sharp. After getting married and having a child I saw my game slip and my handicap go from scratch to a 4. I became frustrated and began to see my love of the game lost in higher scores. I randomly ran into Joe and his team doing a free seminar in the building that I work in. I reluctantly signed up for an assessment and went in with zero expectations. After meeting with Joe for an hour and having him explain how he would get my game back to where it was I signed up for the first lessons I have ever taken in my life. Tommy was able to give me a great set of drills I could do at home in a short time window to help gain some of my flexibility back. From the start Joe and I had a great rapport. He was able to give me specific drills and techniques that would get my swing to where he wanted it to be without letting my brain get in the way. A great golf teacher is someone who can maximize the ability of the student and find what works best for them. Joe was able to do this and I began to see the results within the first month. After only two months and 16 lessons my swing was producing the results that we had set out for. My goal going into the program was to get down to a 2 handicap and compete for my Club Championship. This past summer I was able to get my handicap back down to a scratch and I won my Club Championship! It was a no brainer for me to sign up again this winter and I look forward to working with all of the staff at SMART golf for the long term.

– Bob Molina

 Smart Golf Fitness Testimonial: Jack G., Former Area Club ChampionI have taken golf lessons for close to 20 years with 6 different instructors. These instructors have run the gamut from high tech to old school, single method philosophy to custom programs, old and young. However, none of these instructors were able to lower my scoring or improve my ball-striking…until I met Joe.

What makes Joe different is, although SMART has a system and specific approach to provide the best opportunity to learn new motor patterns in place, he has no cemented in plan or pre-conceived notion of what your swing needs to be or what it will take to allow you to improve. Like my previous teachers, he is knowledgeable about the swing and can easily point out where you can be more effecient. But what sets him apart is his ability to focus in, prioritize, and remarkably isolate what to improve and when to improve it. During the golf season I like to play frequently so Joe provides
adjustments that I am able to incorporate during and in between rounds. During the winter, he institutes more significant changes that are more difficult to ingrain but provide much more drastic improvements. He is very specific and detailed on how I am supposed to be spending my time in between lessons. He teaches me how to teach myself.

Joe’s greatest strength is his ability to invent new drills or ways of communicating an adjustment. If something is not working or is showing regression after a week of practice, Joe’s not afraid to scrap the drill or adjustment and try something new. This is critical to progress and learning quickly. My biggest issue with my previous instructors was their inability to adjust on the fly and recognize when I was going down a path that was a dead end. In the past I wasted weeks and months with drills and concepts that I could not master or made no lasting effect on my ball-striking. Joe is quick to recognize when something is not working and devises new approaches immediately. This not only saves me time and money, but gives me confidence that my practice time is productive and I will see results on the course – which is why I take lessons and practice hard in the first place.

Bottom line, if you want to improve your game and do so in the most efficient way possible, you need to go to
SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction.

– Kevin Camino