SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction was co-founded in 2011 by Tommy Asuma and Joe Sheren.  SMART was, and continues to be, built on an extreme love of the game, a “never say never” attitude, and a burning desire to solve every player’s unique golf game puzzle.



Our purpose at SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction is to help players of all abilities unlock their true potential.  Our members will have the opportunity to build a golf game and healthy habits that last a lifetime.  We take pride in our team of professionals who are extremely passionate, talented individuals who never settle for anything but the best – both for themselves and the members of SMART Golf & Fitness.


Core Values

Potential – Each member has a potential to improve that is unique to their characteristics.  We strive to help each player reach that potential.

Growth – Our team and the members of SMART Golf & Fitness all share a growth mindset that allows us to embrace the challenge and effort required for improvement.

Hard Work – To reach your full potential it is necessary to work harder than before. Everyone at SMART Golf & Fitness understands this fact.

Teamwork – The fastest way to improvement is through teamwork and embracing the help of skilled professionals working together towards a common goal.

Continuous Improvement – Each day represents an opportunity to improve whether that is improvement in golf, fitness, or life in general.  Our team is committed to continuous improvement day in and day out.



– “One-off” golf lessons do not lead to long term improvement.  Our model of one golf lesson per week, one fitness session per week, and one practice session per week creates the environment necessary to achieve lasting results.

– The better the person is as an athlete, the easier it will be for them to improve their game, and the greater their potential will be as a golfer.  One of the many reasons we put such an emphasis on the fitness portion of our programs.

– The difference between consistent and inconsistent ball-strikers comes down to timing.  Having an efficient swing allows a player to consistently time their swing correctly.  The most efficient swing for each individual will depend on a number of factors including: physical capabilities, age, history of sports played, etc.

– The determining factor that separates the best from the rest is Deliberate Practice, which can be described as an activity specifically designed to improve performance.  Our coaches create this environment for our members, and it is through the execution of deliberate practice that players see great results.

– The difference between a good practice environment and a bad practice environment is the presence of feedback.  At SMART Golf & Fitness we have created the best practice environment with various forms of feedback available at all times.

– Total game improvement consists of three variables: training, practice, and play.  We focus on all three variables, and leave no stone unturned.