Golf Lessons and Instruction

Ready to take your golf game to the next level? It’s time to get SMART! SMART Golf and Fitness Instruction is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Our talented team of instructors has been helping people improve their health and their game for years. They use cutting-edge technology to study your swing, evaluate your fitness, and formulate a personalized plan for improvement.

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to golf or fitness, which is why we cater to all fitness and skill levels. Whether you’re new to golfing or an old pro, we will gauge your starting proficiency and put you on a path to meet or exceed your goals.


We Get to Know You

It all starts with your initial SMART assessment. We begin with an interview where we learn about your golfing history, the state of your game, and the goals you’d like to reach. Then we use our state-of-the-art Trackman launch monitor system and K-Vest to assess your swing. Next, we guide you through a series of tests to evaluate your flexibility, joint range of motion, balance, strength, and other physical attributes as they relate to your golf swing.

Once all the data has been gathered, your instructor will start building your personalized practice routine. Because we have captured fully 3-D renderings of your swing and the ball’s response to the impact of your club, we know exactly which facets of your swing need work and which are up to par.  Your personalized program will target any deficiencies and swing compensations you’ve developed to help you become a more powerful and consistent hitter.


An Integrated Approach to Excellence

After we’ve customized your game plan, we will guide you through a series of lessons and milestones to help you improve your swing. We will continue to monitor your progress using the same technology used by virtually every PGA tour professional. The goal is to develop a strong, accurate swing that you can comfortably reproduce on the golf course as well as during your lessons.

We teach you how to practice the right way. Our golf instructors coordinate with your fitness instructor to make your workout fit seamlessly with your golf lessons. If you have improper swing mechanics due to an old physical injury or a psychological factor, we will identify the cause and design practices that will help you grow beyond your previous limitations.


A Personalized Strategy

At SMART Golf and Fitness Instruction, we have one goal in mind: to provide every single client with the best opportunity to meet and exceed their goals. We deliver a truly personalized experience by learning about you, how your body moves, and what you’d like to achieve on the course. We will help you play your best game by setting milestones for you to reach and giving you targeted goals for fitness and technique.

Our endless pursuit of perfection has led to a state-of-the-art facility that brings together PGA teaching professionals and fitness experts to provide an unparalleled training experience. When you train like a professional, you’ll get winning results!


SMART Golf and Fitness Instruction: Your Golf Game Improvement Experts

Our team has a passion for helping players of all ability levels reach their true potential. Our members build golf games and healthy habits that last a lifetime. We’d love to have you become one of our many happy clients. Our locations are in Chicago and Oakbrook Terrace, but players come from all over Illinois to train with us. Find out how to get your best game on by giving us a call to schedule your initial 2-hour assessment today!