SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Our instructors do not subscribe to the “one size fit all” approach. Instead, they create tailored programs inspired by data curated during your initial SMART assessment. We believe in a deliberate approach to your training and utilizing constant feedback. Equipped with high-speed video, Trackman Club and ball data, BODITRAK and K-Vest our instruction bays provide us with the tools to succeed.

Your golf lesson doesn’t end when your instructor time is up. A golfer’s Bad mechanics can be deeply ingrained in golfers’  swings. These may stem from psychological factors which also limit improvement. Our instructors use all the technology at their disposal to design a practice program for continuous improvement after your lesson.

With our golf instruction, you receive persistent lessons that build on each milestone to develop a better swing. A swing that can be comfortably reproduced as you practice independently as well as on the golf course.

We teach you how to practice correctly and our golf instructors coordinate with your fitness instructor so that your workout a part of your golf lesson. Our focus on you do SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction is on one thing: making you better forever