On the fitness side of our facility we have the necessary tools to prepare your body for the demands of the game.  Your fitness journey starts with your physical screen, which determines what movements you can and cannot do efficiently.  This provides your PGA Golf Instructor with important information that can have an incredible impact on what your practice program looks like.  It is the Fitness Instructor’s job to determine what your Golf Instructor can expect your body to physically be able to do.  This ensures that you don’t spend time try to go down a path that won’t lead to any long term improvements.  Once your program is started, your Fitness Instructor will help you improve your physical capabilities in whatever way will be most effective in improving your golf game.  This could be improving stability, mobility, strength, power, or learning new motor patterns for the golf swing.  Adding a fitness element to your golf training program will drastically increase your rate of learning, as well as your overall potential for improvement.