Our fitness facility has the necessary tools to prepare your body for the demands of the game.  Your fitness journey starts with your physical screen, which determines what movements you can and cannot do efficiently.  This provides your Golf Instructor with important information that can have an incredible impact on your practice program. It is the Golf Fitness Instructor’s job to determine what your body is physically able to do.  The last thing you want is spending time going down a path that won’t lead to any long-term improvements.

Once your program is started, your Golf Fitness Instructor will help you improve your physical capabilities. By using data-driven result they will identify the most effective way of improving your golf game.  This could improve stability, mobility, strength, power, or learning new motor patterns for the golf swing.

One of our main goals is to improve your proprioception. This your the body’s ability to know where it is in space and judge both speed and range of movement.  As that ability improves, it can help reduce the gap between “feel vs real” in the golf swing. Thereby, making it much easier to learn a new movement during your golf lessons.  In addition to golf specific exercises, we offer personal training for non-golf clients seeking weight loss, muscle gain, mobility improvement, or any other type of improved fitness and athleticism.