"Everyone has within them, the limitless potential to grow. Growth is a beautiful and frustrating process. Recognizing and accepting the stage of one’s growth is the first and most important step in the process.”

Brian Draeger

Brian is a graduate of Ferris State University’s Professional Golf Management program, and has been a Class A PGA Professional since 2008. During his career he has had the opportunity to teach over 10,000 golf lessons both internationally and throughout the United States. He has extensive experience working with golfers of all different ages and playing abilities, and understands how to effectively communicate with a wide range of golfers.

Brian is TPI Certified and has a great understanding of how physical limitations can affect the golf swing. When it comes to teaching the game, his visual analogical approach has proven to be as effective as it is unique.  Combining that with specifically designed practice regimes, is what gives his students’ such a high success rate.