All Clients must first go through our Initial Performance Assessment.

  • The assessment will begin with a short interview, allowing us to learn about the past and present state of your game, and most importantly, YOUR GOALS for the future.
  • Following the interview we will collect high-speed video, along with club and ball data, using our Trackman launch monitor system. Trackman is state of the art technology that has revolutionized golf instruction today, by removing all the guesswork of what the club is doing through impact, and showing exactly how the ball responds.
  • Finally, we will utilize our K-Vest, a 3-sensor biomechanics analysis system, which will allow us to further evaluate characteristics of your golf swing that we cannot necessarily see on video.       Specifically, we can determine how much rotation you create with your upper and lower body; how much speed you create with your body segments; and the sequence in which you wind and unwind your body during the golf swing. (Kinematic Sequence) “There is an extremely huge commonality of what the Kinematic Sequence looks like in very consistent ball strikers, even though their swings may look very different on 2-D video.
  • Following the collection of golf swing data, our Golf Fitness Instructors will take you through a series of tests that will evaluate your Mobility (Joint Range of Motion + Flexibility), Stability, Balance, Coordination, Strength, and Power, as they relate to your golf swing.
  • If we discover in the interview that short game is a huge area of concern, we will complete some simple putting, chipping, and pitching tests to gain insight of where that part of your game currently stands.
  • Immediately following the collection of your golf swing data, your golf instructor will enter the analysis stage of our process and begin to build your personalized practice program specifically targeting your goals. The analysis process is very straight forward. It starts with understanding what the ball is doing, followed by understanding what the club is doing to allow the ball to perform in that manner, and concluded with understanding what the body is doing to allow the club to perform in that fashion (K-Vest.) At this time, your golf instructor will validate the results of your physical screen and confirm why some of your swing compensations may have been born. This allows our team to start taking corrective action by truly targeting the true cause of any un-wanted swing compensations, which is imperative in preventing them from showing up ever again!

2 Hour Investment: $350.00

However, a $200.00 credit will be applied towards any SMART or SMARTER program or membership initiated on the day of the evaluation.